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In the News

  • Global Leaders We are now reviewing Global Leaders Financial Aid applications for Summer and Fall 2012 programs. Encourage students to apply now!
  • Argentina The Full Application Deadline for Argentina Semester and Year programs is March 1st. Please encourage interested students to complete and submit their full application soon so they don't miss out.

Inspiring AFS Stories

  • AFS students from Egypt and Indonesia were recognized in the Washington Post for bringing together teens and youths of different international faiths visiting the Islamic Center of Washington D.C. To view the full article, please click Here
  • Why Americans Are Choosing to Study Abroad in Record Numbers article.
  • Why Studying Abroad is Worth the Expense Infographic.

Tips and Tricks

  • Full Application Checklist As students work on their applications, share this checklist to ensure their applications are complete before hitting that submit button.
  • Students can save $25 off application fee! Encourage students and parents to attend an Online Information Session to learn more about AFS's Study Abroad programs. During the session, they will receive a promotion code for $25 off the application fee.
  • Advising Students on Country Choice Ever wonder how to help students select their country? Read these quick tips.

2012 Spring and Fall Programs

  • 2012 Spring Program Departures begin this week Students departing on the SMscSH12 programs to Ghana and Portugal depart from New York this coming Thursday, January 12th. SH12 Departures will continue throughout the coming months with the latest being on March 27th to Thailand. Curious about your students' departure? Learn How to Access International Travel Details for Sending Students.
  • Early Application Deadline for Fall 2012: Due to a lengthy visa application process, 3 of our Semester and Year-long programs have an earlier deadline than the other Fall Departure programs. The Full Application Deadline for Argentina (SM and YP), Denmark (YP), and India (YP) is Thursday, March 1st. Please encourage interested students to complete and submit their full application by the deadline.
  • Progress to Goal:

As we prepare for the busy season of supporting students through completing their applications and interviews, it's also important for volunteer teams to assess their progress to reach their 2012 Sending goals. To pull a list of current Sending students in your area, follow the instructions on the How to Find a List of All Participating Students in Your Team. Use this tutorial to help you search for a list of all of the students in your Team who are either working on their applications, have submitted their application, or are already on program.

This time of year, it is critical to be in contact with and to support applicants in order to retain those students who have taken the first step to becoming an AFSer. This "retention" stage is essential for meeting Sending goals. To find ways to connect with applicants, please refer to the New Applicants page of the AFS Wiki.

If your team is falling short of the Sending goal, it's not too late for one last recruitment push for 2012 programs! School Presentations and Information Event are two effective ways to Recruiting Sending Leads.

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid: We are currently reviewing SH2012 Global Leaders Financial Aid applications. Award decisions are on a rolling basis, and it's always in a student’s best interest to apply as early as possible. We will begin reviewing NH12 Global Leaders Financial Aid applications in mid-January.

Merit Scholarships: We are excited to launch three merit-based scholarships for NH12 programs. Please visit the scholarships page for more information about each of these opportunities.

  • Viaggio Italiano: $2,000 merit-based scholarships available for a year program to Italy.

Call for Judges: Do you want to help select the students who receive merit-based scholarships for SH12? This year, the scholarships department needs judges to evaluate student applications for three merit-based scholarships (links to the scholarship websites are provided directly above). The scholarships are:

  • Viaggio Italiano - year program to Italy (application deadline: Feb. 15)
  • Global Leaders Merit - year programs to China, Egypt, India, Turkey and Russia (application deadline: Feb. 15)
  • Vaya a America Latina - summer programs to Argentina and Costa Rica (application deadline: March 1)

Judging for the Viaggio and Global Leaders Merit scholarships will take place in late February. Vaya a America Latina judging will occur in mid-March.

If you are interested in judging, send an email to to let us know you are interested in serving as a SH12 merit-based scholarship judge. If you have a preference as to the scholarship(s) you wish to judge, please include the scholarship name(s) in your email. We will do our best to honor your preference(s). Note: Individuals are allowed to participate in the judging process for more than one scholarship.

  • Staff Update: As many of you know, Alex Flood has left his role as the Scholarships Coordinator in order to focus completely on his legal studies at Lewis & Clark College. We are sad to see Alex go, but we are excited to announce his replacement. On Dec. 12, Kendall Speten-Hansen joined AFS as the new Scholarships Coordinator.

Originally from North Dakota, Kendall moved to the west coast with her husband in 2009. Most recently, she worked for a local pulp and paper manufacturer as a marketing business analyst. Prior to 2009, she worked for the North Dakota Department of Human Services. Kendall has an extensive travel background, and passion for international education and study abroad. She is a four-time exchange student having lived in Japan, Germany and China. She is a Semester at Sea alumnus and completed her undergraduate degree at Westfaelische Wilhelms Universitaet in Muenster, Germany. She earned her Master's degree in intercultural communication from the University of New Mexico, focusing her thesis research on host family communication strategies.

Kendall can be reached at:

  • email:
  • skype: kendall.speten.hansen
  • ph: (800) 237-4636, ext. 1546

Orientations and Travel


- Our first SH students leave for Ghana and Portugal on January 12. From January 24-26 students will be leaving for New Zealand (LA) and Austria, France, Italy, and Russia (NY). All students going to these countries must have their PDO before leaving to their gateway city.

When entering PDO activities remember PDO is an "Orientation" in Activity Type drop down. Adding the location of the PDO is important, but check the location drop down first before adding another location with the same title.

- SH12 Sending participants should have received their Travel Notifications electronically. All participants need to complete the Domestic Travel Reply form and return that form to the Travel Department at: as soon as possible.

- All participants will receive their "What do I do when I get off the plane?" document and 2 luggage tags in the mail between now and January 15.

Returning Students

  • Welcoming Returnees back:

Participants have already begun to return home after completing Year Programs for Spring 2011 and Semester Programs for Fall 2011. The last participants will return home in the end of February. To find a list of dates for return travel dates, log into the Wiki and go to the Return Travel Dates for YP SH11 and SM NH11 Programs page. Please welcome Returnees back into their home communities and encourage them to become volunteers. To pull a list of returning participants in your area, follow the How to Find Returnees in GL on the Wiki.


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