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Orientation Leader's Guides can be found on their respective Orientation's individual wiki page linked to the Orientation Summary Table below.


AFS Orientation Framework

The AFS Orientation Framework provides the theoretical basis for all of our orientation content and leader's guides.

AFS Student Learning Journey Curriculum

The AFS Student Learning Journey Curriculum is part of the efforts in strengthening AFS's credibility as an educational organization. This curriculum will help you deliver more meaningful learning experiences to students embarking on an AFS program and it will provide guidance for how our exchange students can benefit from their AFS experiences on a personal, academic and professional level in this increasingly interconnected world.

AFS Orientations Summary Table

Types of orientations include the following:

Sending Orientations

Orientation Type Required?* Approximate Dates Parent/Guardian Attendance Participant Attendance
Summer Departure Winter Departure
Pre-Departure Orientation yes May - Jun Dec - Jan yes yes
Dates for Pre-Departure Orientations
Gateway Orientation yes Late Jun - Early Sept. January - March no yes
Reentry Orientation no Early Fall Early Winter no yes

Hosting Orientations

Orientation Type Required?* Approximate Dates Host Family Attendance Participant Attendance
Summer Arrival Winter Arrival
Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation yes Summer Nov - Dec yes no
Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation Dates
Participant Arrival/Welcome Orientation yes August January no yes
Participant Post-Arrival Orientation yes September February sometimes yes
Host Family Post-Arrival Orientation no September February yes sometimes
Participant Mid-Stay Orientation no January May sometimes for part or all yes
Participant Pre-Return Orientation yes May December sometimes for part or all yes
Participant End-of-Stay Orientation yes June no, except sometimes for social gathering beforehand yes

* Required refers to both whether the orientation is required to take place and whether the target audience is required to attend. In the case of the Mid-Year orientation, although the vast majority of teams provide it, it is not required to take place. However, when it does take place, participants in the team are required to attend.

Country-Specific Resources

Volunteer Positions related to Orientations

The Team Orientation Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all hosting and sending orientations take place within his or her Team and that the Coordinator for each orientation or event is properly trained.

For a list of all orientation related positions, see the the links in the tables above under "Orientation Type."

How to Lead an Orientation

Best Practices

(insert your ideas here)

  • Scheduling the Mid-Year

From the College Board: "According to our formula, [SAT] test dates fall on the first Saturday in November, December, May and June; the second Saturday in October and March; and the fourth Saturday in January."

It is easier to get AA's to attend the Mid-Year if you avoid the 4th Saturday in January.

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