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The AFS Online Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation consists of three modules, approximately 20 minutes long each. Module One covers the AFS History, Mission, Core Values and Educational Objectives, the AFS Host Family Handbook and Support and Monthly Contact. The second module covers Culture and Perception and the third focuses on the Cultural Adjustment Process and Coping Strategies - for participants and host family members. The third module also provides host families some best practices for the hosting experience.

Upon completing the modules, as well as the corresponding learning quizzes that follow, the host family member's information will be automatically recorded in Global Link. This will be used to demonstrate for compliance that the host family has fulfilled the Department of State requirement related to host family orientation.

For more information about in-person vs. online orientation requirements and regulations, please see: Online and In-person Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation.

Host Family Access

As of June 2, 2010 AFS-USA Host Families will receive access to the Online Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation via a link in their Welcome E-mail. All 10-11 families who completed their application prior to this time will be sent an email providing them access to the online orientation shortly thereafter.

Volunteer and Staff Access

AFS Volunteers and Staff may access the online orientation via this link:

Online Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation

Additional Information

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