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National Council Committees

The National Council has a number of committees which volunteers may participate in. These are listed below. In addition, several of these committees may keep discussion boards or other information which may be useful, not only for themselves, but for other volunteers who have an interest in the work of these committees.

Committee Definitions

  • NC work group -- an ongoing subcommittee
  • NC task force -- a short-term group focused on a specific task
  • Guidelines -- template that includes: overall and specific objectives, composition, method of appointment, committee term, methodology, accountability, and budget
  • Work plan -- detailed plan including specific tasks, person(s) responsible, time line, resources needed, etc.

  • Recommendations from the NC Committees will go to the full National Council for approval and adoption
  • Recommendations from the NC committee work groups will be sent first to the full committee for approval, and then on to the National Council
  • Recommendations from the NC committee task forces will also need to be approved first by any appropriate committees, and then forwarded on to the National Council


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