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Global Link ("GL") is a password protected website that contains information on AFS students, host families, natural families, volunteers, staff, schools, returnee information, and much more. It also contains the Host Family, Volunteer and Student Online Applications.

If you have questions about Global Link, they may be sent to


Access to Global Link

What is the LINK to log into Global Link?

How do I get a GL UserId & Password?

  • The account you created when you registered to become a volunteer is your MyAFS / Global Link user id and password

Using Global Link

How can I do my job using Global Link?

You can do all that you used to do using AFS Online. For example:

Liaison Enter your Contacts and Visits on MyAFS
Sending Volunteer View student on-line applications (for your team) and add comments for staff and other team sending volunteers to see. Reference Info.
Hosting Volunteer View inbound student apps, forward bios to host families, and enter placement requests/updates for hosted students. You are also able to view Host Family Online applications (in your team or chapter). Reference Info.
Volunteer Coordinator View the volunteer registration forms in your team or chapter, and view and update volunteer affiliations (jobs) for your team

Further information may be referenced from: Global Link Help

What if I have questions?

Please read the available training manuals first to see if your question is answered there.

Also available, a volunteer "super user" Help Desk will help answer your questions. Submit your questions via email to If you feel the need to have person-to-person assistance via a phone call, send an email to this mailbox with your phone number and availability and one of the super user volunteers will call you.

Other questions

What is the difference between GL and MyAFS?

MyAFS is a simpler and more friendly view of the most important information on Global Link. When you first log using, you will be brought to MyAFS. If you wish to go to Global Link, there is a tab on the bottom left of MyAFS what will bring you to Global Link.

What type of computer / internet connection do I need to access Global Link?

We have thoroughly tested Global Link with the Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers, but others should also work. These are free, and we can help you get them if you do not have them now. A high speed connection to the internet would provide the best experience, but Global Link may also be used with a slower dial-up connection, even if some searches may be quite slow. Also, because there is a lot of information on most of the screens in Global Link, older monitors with a screen resolution of 800x600 may make your use of Global Link more difficult.

Is the information about me secure on Global Link?

Other registered volunteers and staff will be able to see basic information about you such as your home address, phone number, email and birthdate. It is important that volunteers can easily see information about other volunteers to be able to contact and recruit other volunteers. Your social security number, that you needed to enter for volunteer registration, is not stored on Global Link, and thus can not be seen by staff or volunteers.

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