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2015 AFS-USA Galatti Award Winner and AFS International Nominee Named

Jan Perkins of the Arkansas Team is AFS-USA's 2015 nominee, please join us in congratulating her!

The Volunteer Recognition Committee is delighted to announce the AFS-USA Galatti Nominee as Jan Perkins of the Arkansas Team. Jan has been an inspiration and an exemplary role model for AFS-USA volunteers for more than 30 years. She first began her connection with AFS in 1984 as a host family for a 'bus stop' student. Since then through her multiple local and regional AFS roles, she consistently exemplifies the AFS mission that one life could change another, and challenges her community to do the same. The bus trip is long gone, but its path was indelible and the roots it planted with that first hosting experience remain a permanent player in Janice’s life. However, Jan unlike the bus, continues forward. Jan exemplifies the AFS mission and has worked tirelessly in her community, her family and her daily life to support AFS and its mission.

The Volunteer Recognition Committee wishes to express our sincere gratitude for Jan's dedication with AFS. Her nomination has been sent forward to the International Board of Trustees who will choose this year's winner(s) and announce it in December. Best of luck to Jan!


The Galatti Award was established in 1983 and named after AFS founder Stephen Galatti. Stephen Galatti was an idealist, a visionary, a trail blazer and a pragmatist who built and transformed AFS from an organization that transported the war wounded into one that now provides cross-cultural experiences in the name of peace.

This award honors AFS volunteers whose commitment and exceptional dedication have advanced the mission and goals of AFS at the grass-roots level. It is the most prestigious commendation granted by the AFS International Board of Trustees for our volunteers. Throughout AFS, volunteerism is key in carrying out its mission of making it possible for individuals to become responsible global citizens as well as active participants in the creation of a more tolerant and peaceful world.


  • AFS volunteers who, over a sustained period of time, have provided at least five (5) years of outstanding support to AFS at the grass-roots level.
  • Any local AFS volunteer who has not previously received the award and who is not serving on an AFS Partner Board or the Board of Trustees at the time of nomination is eligible for the award.
  • All nominees must be registered AFS-USA Volunteers at the time of nomination and be in good standing.
  • Only 1 nomination per Team will be considered by the Volunteer Recognition Committee.

Timeline (Nominations are now Closed)

  • Online nominations are opened by AFS International in June. Only nomination forms with all fields completed are accepted. Nominations must be supported by 2 volunteers.
  • The AFS-USA Galatti Nomination Selection Subcommittee reviews all nominations and selects the Volunteer who will represent AFS-USA.
  • The AFS-USA Nominee is announced on the AFS Wiki as well as in the Coming Together Newsletter.
  • The International Galatti Award Winner(s) are announced in December.

Please show your appreciation to those volunteers who unselfishly promote the AFS mission through their deeds and actions by submitting your online nomination today through the International Galatti Website

How the AFS-USA Nominee Is Recognized

The AFS-USA Nominee will attend and be recognized at the 2016 National Volunteer Assembly which will take place April 14-17, 2016 Kansas City, Missouri.

What does the International Galatti Award Winner(s) receive?

The Galatti Award winner(s) will receive an engraved plate and a certificate, handed out in person by the President of AFS International or a member of the international Board of Trustees. In addition, the winner's local chapter will receive a partial scholarship in name of the winner.

AFS-USA Galatti Award Recipients

2015 Jan Perkins (Arkansas)
2014 Sharon Held (Michigan)
2013 Sarah Yancey (Missouri Gateway)
2012 Nancy Henderson (Greater Puget Sound)
2011 Minna Smith (Milwaukee)
2010 Larry Ralph (Downeast Maine)
2009 Carol Ann Zimmerman (Heartland KS)
2008 Gerry Bair (Carolinas)
2007 Judy Weyand (Downeast Maine)
2006 Mary Porterfiled (Heartland KS)
2004 Jerene Thomas (Virginia)
2003 Cathie Currin (Carolinas)
1987 Gordon Clemens (Steinbeck Coast)
1986 Fran Furlong (Kansas City)
1985 Rosemary Gettleman (Greater Cleveland)
1984 Eunice Grimaldi (New York)
1983 Gus Leimkuhler (Kansas City)
1983 Elita Hawley (Salinas)


Please email the Volunteer Recognition Committee at if you have any questions.

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