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NOTE: This page has a link to it from Global Link - Monthly Contact Screen.

New option for mobile device users

See Mobile-friendly Monthly Contact Website

Tutorial: Entering Monthly Contacts and Support Reports in GL

This is NOT Global Link and is only a Tutorial. You can not log into this page!

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your user name and password then click Login

  3. In the left menu, under Miscellaneous, click on Monthly Contact. If you don't see a menu on the left it may be collapsed, click the tab at the top that reads "Toggle left menu".
    Menu monthly contact.png

  4. Click the tab labeled "View My Assigned Participants". This will list the students assigned to you for support. If the student is missing, please contact your support coordinator to have that student's record assigned to you. The names here have been intentionally blurred for privacy.
    My assigned participants.png

  5. Click on the blue number under "Service Ref" for the student or family for whom you wish to submit a report. This will display all reported contacts for your student.
    Contact history.png

  6. To submit a new contact report, click on the "Submit New Monthly Contact" tab at the top of the page as shown above. Then select the type of contact form (below) you want to submit and click OK to continue on to the new contact page. You will not be able to click OK until after you have selected the radio button next to the type of contact that you want to submit.

    Contact choice.png

After making the appropriate choice above in the selection box Global Link will take you to the Report page which will be different for each. To see a detailed example of the report page please select the type of report you'd like to review from the list below.

Viewing Submitted Support Reports

If you would like to review or change a previously submitted report follow the instructions above that take you to the Report Summary Page as illustrated in point 6.


  • The reports are grouped by type with the most recent report at the top.
  • To the far right of each report is an Open link that will take you to the complete report. Click the blue Open for the report that you would like to review or change.
  • Please note that only the person that submitted the report will be able to make a change and save the changes as indicated by the bold Save below left. All other authorized individuals will be able to read the report but not make changes as indicated by the grayed Save option, below right.
Saveallowed.png Savenotallowed.png

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