AFS-specific Cultural Detective Case Studies

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Guidelines for Creating AFS Case Studies for Use with Cultural Detective

  1. Limit case study to one page or less, single spaced.
  2. Maintain confidentiality - Do not use actual names, locations or incidents that would identify those involved.
  3. Try to incorporate the Value Lens for at least two countries into the case study. In any given case study try to highlight at least 2 or more value differences.
  4. Keep to the values listed in the Value Lens. - It is OK to discuss other values but focus the case study on the ones in the Cultural Detective materials.
  5. Include a facilitator debrief page for processing the case study.
  6. Submit any new case study to Carolyn Rehn, AFS OD and Learning Specialist for review before posting it on the wiki
  7. Once approved by Carolyn, post the Case Study below.
  8. Once posted, case studies are the property of AFS, however please credit yourself by listing “case study author” . .. with your name at the bottom of the case study.

AFS Cultural Detective Case Studies


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