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AFS is a leader in intercultural learning with a History dating back to 1915. AFS offers international exchange programs in more than 50 countries around the world through independent, nonprofit AFS Organizations, each with a network of volunteers, a professionally staffed office, and headed up by a volunteer board. The AFS organization serving the United States is called AFS-USA.


How AFS-USA Works

Office of the AFS-USA Partner Director

The Partner Director, currently Jorge Castro, leads AFS-USA, Inc. which consists of a large national group of volunteers, professional staff, and the Board of Directors.

The Partner Director of AFS-USA is the chief executive officer of the organization, reporting to the Board of Directors. In their role the Board and Director represent AFS-USA, communicating both its mission and plans to various constituencies.

The role of the Partner Director is to build and strengthen ties within AFS and the wider AFS community. The Director of AFS-USA is required to manage a complex business that operates in a continually changing market with intense competition.

The responsibilities of the Partner Director fall into four broad areas:

  • income generation including fundraising and earned income
  • policy development and planning
  • volunteer leadership, public representation and awareness
  • management and administration.

The AFS-USA Partner Director has overall responsibility for and authority concerning all aspects of management activities, with full management responsibility for the professional staff.

As the largest partner in the AFS network, AFS-USA employs over 160 staff members to support its operations. The scope of their work varies widely, but includes:

  • supporting the work of volunteers and program delivery
  • human resource management of staff and volunteers
  • fiscal management
  • program development and planning
  • volunteer development, training and management
  • marketing and communications
  • fundraising and corporate development.

Volunteer structure

  • Is divided into five regions identified by its port of entry.
  • Each region supports a number of Teams which vary by size and geography.

Staff locations

AFS-USA staff either work out of the central office located in New York, NY, or they are "outposted" and work out of a home office.

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